Majd Kazmoz

Majd Kazmoz

منجز أعمال، الامارات العربية المتحدة
إحصائيّات المستخدم
كمنجز أعمال:
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معدل إكمال المشاريع لم يتم حسابه بعد
المشاريع المكتملة لا يوجد بعد
مشاريع يعمل عليها لا يوجد حالياً
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I constantly develop myself to keep up with the latest technologies.
I Devoloped mobile apps with Flutter Since End of 2018 and before
that i developed some android apps with java/kotlin and had a short
try in ios development with swift but when flutter came up i decided
to specialized in Flutter.
For state manegment i used: BLoc Pattern
some of techniques i worked in my apps:
Localizations - Restfull Api - Push Notification
Websocket (Real Time Chat App) - Flare Animation
SqfEntity - Dependency injection - Json - Git